Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally Friday!

That's right my little chick-a-dees it's....FRIDAY!!!! I've got a good busy weekend planned out of town with my 2 little ones...for my girlfriends wedding reception, should be a blast. I'm confident in succeeding this weekend even with being out of town. I know that I am WORTH this...and I CAN do it!

I want to admit that I did NOT want to go workout today at lunch. You know what I wanted to do instead? Eat....yeah, and not just what I brought/planned....but something terribly good and fattening and derailing....Qdoba. But I have the best coworker in the world, and she PUSHED me to go workout with her. Whew. Thank you D! She's my rock...because if I would have caved to my cravings, that would have only set me up for ... gulp ...disaster already for the weekend, and we all know I don't want that! SO...I went and ran 2 miles and then did my 15 min FYM supersets...KILLER 15 mins I want to add there!!!

I now feel even more confident I can do this. I'm taking a veggie tray to the reception, so I can fill up on those! WOOHOO! And I've got my workout clothes packed...just in case I can squeeze in a few moments of jumping jacks. etc. MOVE MORE MANDIE!!! Gotta remember my weekly goal of 10,000 steps on the I've gotta be moving!!

Hope all my fellow GAG'ers have a successful and fantastic weekend!! I DOUBT I'll be online this weekend, and that stinks, because I'll miss out of some points, but it'll be okay.

October 1st Journal


Heather & Chaos said...

WTG girl!!! So proud of you for working out!! I know you can have a successful weekend. BOTH of us can!! Let's do it!!!

AliFlowerGrl said...

Good Luck with your weekend!! I know you'll do fine...about my working out...I've been working out for a couple of years now so...don't know what the problem is...I'll be fine though...I'll work through it..Thanks for the support Mandie!

Anonymous said...

mandie, you are so inspiring! I have gotten to love your super sweet comments on my blog, you are quickly becoming one of my rocks! I have no earthly idea what Qdoba is, but good for you for turning it down. Keep your booty moving this weekend and you will be fabulous!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

wow... we are on the same boat! I'm super busy this weekend with eating out 5 of my meals! And today at lunch I had a banana split!!! Sheesh... talk about choices.

I'm headed to the gym this afternoon so I can hopefully make up for some of it.

Have a great weekend.

Nancy said...

Wow Mandie! You are going to have a great Tuesday! Thanks for all the inspiration! Yay for your wonderful co worker too! What a great friend!