Thursday, October 1, 2009

A quickie today...

Wow...October 1st...already??? I've got goals to create...I've been slacking in this dept. So hopefully this evening I'll be able to make the time to work on that!!! If I do, tomorrow I'll be posting them! The weekly goals I set up on Monday...well, I've been doing awesome with them! Yay Mandie!!

This has to be quick today folks....I'm super swamped at work. I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has been posting on my blog lately...and WOW! Some people even said my enthusiasm with my workouts has MOTIVATED THEM!?! I'm super excited about that...and honestly, flattered. Thanks girls!!! I'm sure in the future (near) I'm going to need that motivation myself and will come looking to you all! So get on it!! K?!

Today I'm really refueled and on fire. I'm finally on a new/old level. I say new/old...because it's new now...but it is old...because I've been here before, and not too long ago. I'm making the RIGHT choices, and the exercising is through the roof again. I'm excited. I also admit I'm a little nervous. The weekends are what ruin a fantastic week for me...and look where we are, headed for a weekend. Who would've thought I'd be saying I'm "dreading" the weekend?! Ugh! This weekend the boys and I are headed out of town. My friend that married in Vegas (last month!) is having her reception. We will be staying at her house. There will be a keg of beer. There will be a ton of GOOD food. I know how it will turn out. I'm WORRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way, no how, I'm going to get around this. I know ... deep down that I will have a few drinks when the boys hit the hay...and I will eat things that are high in calories. I suppose the key is a) eat SMALL amounts. b) MOVE MORE. I'm going to take my weights, I'm going to take instant oatmeal, I'm going to take some apples and bananas, I'm going to take my water bottle, I'm going to take my journal....I'm going to try. Again. That's all I can do, right???? MOVE MORE MOVE MORE MOVE MORE MOVE MORE..... If I want to succeed, I must make this a priority. LIMITATIONS....I have to remind myself of that, ALL weekend long. I can do this....I want a good weigh in...I REALLY want to get back to my low weight.... I can do this....

Oh, hubby's "stuff" casserole last night was horribly awesome. I say horribly because I could've ate until I got sick! Seriously! I had 1.5 servings (.5 more than I anticipated/planned), but it's okay. I worked out later,...and it didn't derail me! Plus it was SUPER NICE to have someone else make dinner! YUMMY HUBBY!!!

Well, work calls....(and I noticed this really wasn't all that short! Just call me a chatty!)

Journal 9/30/09


Heather & Chaos said...

You can get through this weekend Mandie!! I know you can! You can make the good choices and you WILL! And I will hear you come Monday that you had a successful OP weekend! Come on girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont be worried about the reception! Deep down, you know you can do this! you have all the tools, you know whats a good decision and a bad decision. you will rock this weekend! its all about having fun, so have lot of it!

Vanessa said...

No, not really that short. LOL. I thought, or a short post... nope not really. Yay!

Anyway - I'm glad hubby's dinner was a hit. I have found that over time, I'm able to guide my hubby into cooking more healthy meals with small baby steps.

You will rock this weekend. No stress.

Thanks for posting that its October 1st. I realized I haven't updated my goals yet!

TeresaLynn said...

Yep - that was not a quickie! But it was good reading - your exercise enthusiasm IS catching.

Here is my tip for the weekend - any way you can alternate beer and water? That will keep you hydrated, with a little less alcohol, and maybe it will help with water retention that alcohol always seems to trigger (for me).

Another tip that I picked up from some weight loss counselor on TV was deli turkey - can you take some of that with you? My market had some on sale last week for $3.99/pound, which is about the best price I ever see in the deli, and it was wonderful - having some of than when the food is calling could really help, I think.

Regardless...have a GREAT time!