Friday, October 16, 2009

Typical rambling post

Wow...can you believe it's Friday, AND that this month is halfway over?! I'm having a hard time grasping that! It means the year end is approaching, and much faster than I realize. I want to hit my upcoming goals, so that means I really need to put it in gear and hang on. Yes, it's going to be tough with Halloween candy, my birthday (my Mom will make me a special cake just so I can stay on track), my FAVORITE holiday - Thanksgiving, along with a work pitch in breakfast, and then of course Christmas and the parties that come along with that. Ugh. Yeah, it's going to be hard...BUT, I can do this!!!! I read something yesterday (or maybe it was the day before), that stuck with me and I keep remembering. "To get something you never had, you have to do something you have never done"... Wow! When I think hard about that I KNOW that is true. It's the exact reason I plateaued last year, and then why I got so frustrated and eventually went the other direction and regained 20lbs. Now I have that phrase to remember...and it will clear things up in my head! :) Whew! I MUST do this!

So, I'm truly in a different mind set this week. Something is clicking, and I feel relief to finally be there again. Yes, I wasted a few (10) months this year...but the important part is that I never gave up and I'm still going. This time I'm going to finish!!! I FEEL it!

This weekend dh will be that leaves me and the boys. It should be fun...we will for sure get lots of dancing in! We have my family reunion on Sunday, and my goal is to take the backpack carrier and put my little guy in it and take a nice hike! I'm hoping the 4 year old can "hack" it and walk! There will be awesome food at the reunion, but I'm going to do ok...I know I can! Besides that, nothing really going on this weekend! I like that...means it's easier for me to stay on track!

Forgive me with my journals. I keep saying I'm going to get pics and post them...but then forget... so NOW I'm going to post Tue,Wed,Thurs from this week. I don't want to go back any further since my weeks start on Tuesday. So let me do some explaining. This week I decided to start a points system up of my own. Where I get points for water, journaling, exercise, steps, calories, etc. My goal is 70/week. Maybe eventually I'll put the way my points works on the side...but I dont' have the desire to do so now. That sounds bad...sorry. I somewhat got the idea from the GAG challenge. We did points last week, and I think that seemed to really help me stay on track. I also want to say that a blog I read, Christine, does something very similar too, and I REALLY liked how she did it. So, that's where I came up with my own (hope that's okay!). Oh, and you'll see lots of acronyms... here's a little key

DP = daily points - this has to do with my own point system

But these go along with WW. Remember I count calories and pts (because that has what worked for me the best int he past).
APE = Activity Points Earned
APU = Activity Points Used
FPU = Flex Points Used
FPR = Flex Points Remaining

okay...enough rambling

Tuesday 10/13

Wed 10/14

Thurs 10/15

And a picture of my special birthday cake from last year! YUM!

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Salina Lyn said...

Hi Mandie, I just wanted to say that I totally love your buttons for push ups, crunches, and squats. I haven't seen that on any other blogs and it's just rad. And I love love love your statement about doing something different. It reminds me of the definition of insanity. Insanity is trying the same things over and over again and hoping for different results. :)