Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Really...a shortie this time! Just wanted to update a few things!

  1. I did not do anything new for exercise yesterday. That does NOT mean I didn't exercise, as I did 45 minutes of Step class! Yay! My thighs are feeling it!
  2. I think I'm starting to get a cold...I have a headache, my nose is clogged like, and in the evenings my throat feels "different". I'm fighting it though...hard! Especially since we are planning to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!
  3. I read something last night in my Prevention magazine that is sticking with me. It was a success story of a woman that lost 1/2 of her body weight...amazing story. Anyway, one of her quotes was "you won't regret what you don't eat". OMG I LOVE that!!!!!!!
So really, that's it today! I have a busy weekend planned, but the main key is that I'm sticking OP (today will be day 4 people!) and getting some exercise in! Tonight my plan is to do a new version of the tabata's using a different work to rest ratio - since I didn't get to it last night! And hoping I can make the new Cardio Kickboxing class at the Y in the morning!!!


Salina Lyn said...

I'm dying to try kickboxing. I have the old school Billy Blanks vhs tapes of TaeBo but have never been to a class. Is it horribly wonderful? You have to let me know how you like it. Have fun.

Arcticmal said...

I read the same article last night..wasn't it a good one.. I too enjoyed that comment!!!

Annalisa201 said...

oooh, Kboxing is one of my favorite DVD's that I have - didn't like the TaeBo one, but Kathy Smith's KB is soooo good!

Good luck with the cold. And thank you for your lovely comments. Thank you.

Christine said...

I love step and kickboxing! Both GREAT workouts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh. I love that quote. Though I can hear how I could try to create a regret - like, I didn't lose any weight this week anyway, I should have gone ahead and eaten that pint of Ben and Jerry's! Because I'm kind of a whiner that way.

Anyway. I'm going to keep that quote top of mind going into the weekend. Thanks!

Salina Lyn said...

Mandie, I just got the One Lovely Blog Award and I'm sharing the love with you. Come over to my blog to collect.