Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking Thursday

I have a lot going on in my life right now. Seriously, from one angle to the last A LOT on my plate...and though I feel overwhelmed with it all, I feel I'm back on track to finding me again. I think if I take the time to focus on me, I will be fine. I worked on my weightloss goals, reasons, steps, obstacles, solutions, rewards and timeline yesterday....and having that will help me with the rest of this journey!

My coworker tells me that I am being tested with all that is going on in my life right now... and she says "stop to think about what it could be teaching me". Even though it's lots of negatives, there will bloom a positive. I'm trying to find that right now. I think it's that I don't cave. Yes, I have a lot on my plate between a severely burned baby nephew, a water/mold problem in my brand new home, a naughty cat that is pushing my buttons, finances (don't we all know about this one!), and other issues here and there - I'm just blah! But I'm not caving. I'm going to make a positive out of this. The positive is that I'm going to stick it out, and I'm going to see a loss on Tuesday!

The best news? The weekend should be much more successful. I have a Longaberger party on Saturday, but I'm making healthy treats, and I'll go racing after that. But I'm determined to get in my steps, drink my water and stay on plan!!!! I think I'm fairly excited for this weekend and not having to worry about going here and being tempted by this or that. I can make it!

Wednesday 10/7/09 Journal


Heather & Chaos said...

Ok girl. Two things I noticed looking at your journal - ONE - you keep eating the same things for breakfast and lunch. SWITCH IT UP. Do not let your body get used to one thing. TWO - You are eating after dinner. And it seems like you are doing this a lot. And last night it was another 6 pts. I know you had the pts to use but . . . a "light" dessert would probably be better. Like a 2 pt snack. Use those points for snacks throughout the day. Unless I'm reading it wrong and those are your snacks? Kinda like how it's broken down in sparkpeople?? Oh, I just realized that's probably what you are doing! SOrry! Ignore that! Just listen to my ONE. =)

Mrs. Sheila said...

I think the "funk" your feeling has definately been around for many. Myself included. I am coming out of it though, and I am so glad!! Things are beginnign to take place in ways I never would have imagined. But I have hear this from all over ~ blogs, vlogs, and private chats. HARD HARD HARD times ..... but we can all deal! Together.

Nancy said...

Good idea to get your goals/rewards etc, all updated and organized. Should help you focus more. Hang in there!