Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update, recap, lotsa pictures!

Yeah...I know, I'm not a good "keeping-up-to-date" blogger.  I get busy, I don't have anything to write about, no one reads, excuse excuse excuse.  I should do it JUST to hold me accountable.


Weigh in on Friday... well I amazingly lost weight, but not much.  0.4lb.  I will take it considering I had a drink fest over the weekend - oh yea and tons of food

2 weeks ago (11/1):  179.4
Last week (11/8):  177.4
This week (well last week technically 11/15):  177

I didn't meet my birthday goal of being under 175... but it's a loss.  Womp Womp.

I really did try, but honestly after looking at my Value Diary...yeah, not so much.  I lie to myself, and that's a huge problem.  Gotta stop the lying!!!

Last Wednesday I took the kiddos to the skating rink for a birthday party.  And this Momma actually put skates on and amazingly did NOT fall!  Whew.!!!

I was able to get in a few evening runs on the trusty, boring, ugh-do-I-have-to Dreadmill...  but still didn't meet my Pile On the Miles goal of 7lbs (UGH!).

I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family for my birthday...which of course resulted in lots of drinking and more damn food.  Blah!!!  So now I have to kick ass again this week to see ANYTHING on the scale gone.  Sigh.  I see a cycle.

I had Mexican on Friday with my Mom, best friend and all the kiddos... and yes, my little guy informed our waiter immediately that it was my birthday and I wanted to wear the Sombrero .  Yikes!

I then had an "Open House" with professional karoke stuff at my house so my friends could drop in whenever they wanted and sing while I didn't have to drive anywhere (i.e. I could drink like a fish and sing all night long!).  LOL!!!

Saturday my besties and I went to a Euchre Tournament which was a pitch in and another drink fest.  It was a lot of fun....

(I'm bottom right... this is what we call the Fab 5)
Euchre tournament winner in the middle (LOL)
 On Sunday my out-of-town friends left and I went grocery shopping after making my meal plan for the week.  Focused to get back on track and not let the weekend of eating and drinking detour me (SIX WEEKS until my 12 week goal and NYE).

Scary storms and tornadoes ripped through our state, and unfortunately the town where my little men were with their Daddy.  Thankful Daddy had a basement for them all to take cover in, because a tornado went through and flattened half of the town.  Talk about one scared Momma!  And my little men were terrified to say the least.

Sunday evening after the boys got home, we went to my parents house where my Mom slaved over my favorite healthy crockpot meal (Chicken Noodle Soup) and made me an Angel Lush cake.  (She even made the actual angel food cake).   She tries SO hard to help me stay on track.
The healthy cake my Momma made me for my 38th birthday!

My parents bought me an AWESOME camping hammock...we are a camping family!  I have a PopUp and my parents have an RV... we LOVE camping!

AND (because I seriously asked for it!).............(Tomorrow maybe I"ll give you my review after the first time wearing it!  LOL!)

Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra.... I desperately needed this!!!

Some new, yummy healthy recipes I've made this past week... quick Italian Turkey Soup (Six Sisters) and Pumpkin Protein Bars

And everyone needs a selife.....

REMINDER TO SELF (even if selfies don't show the truth)

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