Thursday, November 7, 2013

My love/hate relationship....

Today I went out for a run at lunch again.  It took some coercing, I won't lie...   It would have been easier to go to the group fitness class.  Because honestly, running is still very hard for me.

In 2008 I started Couch 2 5k training.  Why?  I really have no clue.  I think because all he blogs I read, everyone was on this new running kick.

I remember driving along seeing runners and thought to myself..."look how easy that looks, I can do that!".  Mind you, this was coming from the same girl that came in dead last when we hard to run the mile in gym for our final exam.  Yeah...uh...gulp!  So did that really come from my mouth?

Sure enough I started the program and was literally in the best shape of my life when I finished.  I was getting ready for my wedding in Vegas (uh, we're now divorced - bummer) in the middle of this and I just felt amazing.  Amazing that I could do this!!!

As the weeks when on, the more addicting it became.  Then it was time for my first 5k (IU Mini Marathon and 5k). Wow, what an experience! (I must add that I did c25k on a treadmill, yes, the entire program!)  Needless to say it is quite different running outside than on a treadmill.  There are many other factors such as hills, wind, steps, cracks, not to mention people!

And this was when that love/hate relationship for running started.  I'm not even for sure how many 5k's I have ran now... I've even ran a Warrior Dash, and a 4-mile trail run.  Eventually...yes soon...I'm planning on running a 1/2 marathon (more on that another time).

I admit, I have always struggled, but mainly because I pushed myself.  I would up my mileage and/or speed (appropriately and safely) .... and yea it was tough!!

There are many reasons I still have this love/hate relationship with running... and while I was setting off for my lunch run today this came to mind.  WHY do I have such a relationship with running?  Here's what I could come up with...

I love running because....
  • Shapes my legs, amazingly!
  • I can do it without any other equipment or gym
  • I love telling people I went for a run
  • I love accumulating miles for my own self satisfaction - yes it makes me proud
  • It slims my hips and butt - no other workout has done this for me yet
  • I can do it anywhere, at any time
  • I now have many friends who do it...and I love motivating others 
  • It gives me personal time, listening to my favorite music
  • Races, number bibs, medals, free stuff
  • Other runners at races really push you... the whole running community is amazing!
  • The feeling I get when I see the finish line (either real or not)
  • That feeling I get when I'm finished (natural endorphins are my friend!)

I hate running because.....
  • Still is a struggle for me, and it always will be because I continue to challenge myself with more miles or faster times
  • The cost of shoes, sports bra, warm running gear (pants, jackets), shirts,.... 
  • The cost of races (and because they are becoming more popular they costs keep going up!)

So, as you can see the love outweighs the hate....I guess I"ll keep on running!!!!

This week I've already 4.9 miles for my Pile on the Miles goal.  I pledged 7 this week, with a monthly grand total of 35.  I can do this!!!!!!  Then I'm considering training for my first half marathon.... shhhh.... that's scaring my body!!!!!

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