Friday, November 8, 2013

Weigh In

That's right... Friday's are now my weigh day!!  I worked my ass off this week, but yet there I was at 10:30 last night dancing in my kitchen, getting more sweat on, just so I'd see the appropriate number on the scale this morning - naked.  

Side note...I hate how the scale has that much affect on me, and yet I love it.  I love that it pushed me to dance around late last night and going to bed "hungry".  Though I also feared it that it wouldn't say what I needed it to, and I'd be disappointed.

Fortunately this morning I was not disappointed.

That's EXACTLY what I needed to see today...2lbs baby!!!!

Sure, I'd love to see 5lbs... but I know me... that doesn't happen.  Even when I've not been on track for quite awhile, I still never pull a huge number.  I'm okay with that.  2lbs/week is healthy!

Now I just need to kick ass this weekend and all next week, workout maybe 2 times/day, and see another great loss.  My "hidden" goal has been 174 by my birthday - next Friday... but eh, I'll just take 2lbs to be happy.  

Busy weekend I'll update / recap on Monday!!!!

Last weigh in (11/1):  179.4
This weigh in (11/8):  177.4

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