Wednesday, April 22, 2009


That's right folks, hubby and I completed and survived Week 1 of P90X. We missed ONE measly workout, due to a funky Saturday (Yoga X), but I'd say that's pretty good. So, I know you're curious...I lost 5lbs! Yeppers .... 5 full pounds!!! Now, those 5lbs were recently regained, so sometimes those are easier to lose, but still I'm totally proud of myself for doing P90X AND losing 5lbs! YIPPIE!

Tonight is back to "Day 1" with Chest and back. Hubby has left the pull-up bar up all the time, so that I can whenever I want practice/try to do them. By the end of this 90 days I had BETTER be able to do at least 1!!! It's frustrating to me that I can't, and that I have to cheat with a stool. PHOOEY!

Eating is up to par, about 90% I say. I did have kind of a "free day" yesterday, but literally was mad at myself for it...and decided it's NOT worth it! When I say free day, I still journaled, still got my veggies in, and drank my water...I just made a poor food choice at lunch (Penn Station French fries!), and then had the munchies later where I ate a little too much. All in all it wasn't THAT bad...but I still didn't like it.

Well, until my next update....BRING IT :)

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