Friday, April 17, 2009


That's right...OUCH! I'm aching ALL over today. It feels awesome. Yes, I just said that! I LOVE feeling this, well not actually the pain, but knowing what I'm doing is WORKING! Ouch - I just moved. Oooh, and don't make me laugh either - ouch. :)

Last night was tball practice. I hadn't premade dinner (bad idea) we didn't eat before heading out. Although, it's not like we get home in time to do much. It's basically changing the boys clothes, getting sippy cups ready, gathering equipment, hollering at the boys to come on...we've GOT to go! So, anyway... practice gets out at 7:30. By the time we roll back in the house it's almost 8! The boys go to bed at 8. Umm...dinner's not ready yet, or even started! Needless to say they had Spaghettio's and hot dogs (I know, what sorts of things am I teaching my kiddos?!). They played for a bit while I fixed a new recipe courtesy of the hungry-girl, put that in the oven...and then they got ready for bed. After the bedtime ritual of reading books, singing songs, back tickeling, hubby and I sat down to eat our meal. As we were eating we were thinking maybe we should wait until AFTER the workout. Good thinking...but too late now. We gave our tummy's about 30 - 45 mins to rest before we cranked out Day 2 of P90X - Plyometrics... the mother of all X workouts! Gulp...yeah, we should have waited to eat dinner...because every jump I wondered if I could handle it with all that was sitting in my belly! haha! Plyometrics is a jump training... and holy smokes was it a lot of jumping!! But, we did it...we survived day 2! Way to go us!!

So tonight is shoulders and arms...and I'm thinking how am I going to be able to do I'm still so sore from the chest and back workout!!! By the way, I skipped a cardio workout at the gym today. I'm just not feeling it ... OUCH is about all I'm feeling!!!!

Eating is good...but again I worry about my connection with WW. I mean, it's been drilled in my head "Eat less, move more". And P90X wants you to eat more. According to X I should eat about 1800 calories (GULP!), and that would be way over the points for me. Yesterday I consumed 25pts which was about 1400 calories. 25pts is above my 21 daily allowance, but with the exercise I'm going to think it weighs out about right (yeah, did I tell you I did cardio kickboxing on my lunch hour yesterday too?!). I'm going to give it a few weeks and see if I need to tweak this even more. Because I'm not eating enough calories for the X, but I'm over in points. So...we shall see.

Okay...Day 3 here we come....

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