Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back...and P90X

So, it's been too long since my last post. Life has been absolutely crazy. We finally moved into our new home (after 10 long months!), and things are settling down. I now am ready and have no excuse to get on track and get where I want to be.

In the midst of the chaos the last oh...month, I managed to gain 10lbs. Nice. WRONG WAY MANDIE! So, I now am 20lbs heavier than my lowest. Ugh. More work cut out for me. But, when I saw the number on the scale on Monday (Wed is my actual weigh day, but this week I decided to know on Monday) I knew it was time to really focus and get back in the groove. *side note that it amazes me how easy is it to gain 10-20lbs, but how extremely difficult it is to LOSE it! Phooey!*

On Monday I was ready. Well, actually it started Sunday night. I cooked 2 of my week's meals, so I wouldn't have to worry about it! That was super nice!! And Wednesday's meal was in the crockpot (which unfortunately was overcooked. I always forget that I'm gone for 10+ hours, and can't shut the crockpot off at 6-7 hours like most recipes require). Tonight I didn't prepare ahead of time (which I should have since it's my sons tball practice night), but I'm not too worried about it. I do need to finish up the weekend menu...any ideas anyone???

So besides meal planning and cooking (which helps me stay on track!!) my husband and I started P90X on Wednesday! We both agreed back in January (?) that when we moved into the new house we would do it together. Well, we've been at the house 2 weeks now, so it is time!

Day 1 was Chest, Shoulders, Back for 60 mins, and then 15 mins of Ab Ripper X. Ouch! But we did it...and I'm proud of us. We took our before pictures, and will be taking 30, 60 and 90 day pictures as well.

I'm trying to follow the nutrition plan as much as I can, while still doing WW. I'm not sure how it will work though. P90X is about getting the RIGHT FOODS, and unfortuantely higher calories. I'm used to taking in LESS calories to lose weight. So, it's going to be tricky and experimental. I am at least focusing on the food groups and trying to niche it to work for me.

I'm also adding more cardio in to the plan. I think cardio is a huge factor for losing fat/weight...and P90X doesn't do cardio every day. *This is another reason I really need to work hard on my nutrition...if I'm not careful I could have reverse effects by not eating enough and the right things.* Today at lunch I will head over to a Cardio Kickboxing class (45mins), and then tonight is Ploymetrics (which will be cardio too). It's all so exciting .... but remember, I've only made it 1 day! I (we) have 89 more to go!!! GULP!!!

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