Thursday, August 4, 2011 more to say

I start...again. Frustrated, mad, discouraged, depressed with myself. But I never stop trying. Today ... as always, I start over. Day 1.

Perfect 10 SW ~ 157.8
7/7/11 WI ~ 164
7/14/11 WI ~ None on vacation
7/21/11 WI ~ 165.2
7/28/11 WI ~ 164.8
8/4/11 WI ~ 167.4 (WTH?!!)

Dear God, hear my plea...hear my cries. I do not want to go this way. What is wrong with me? Can you please help me get back on the right track, hold my hand - pick me up and carry me, as I'm so hurting right now. I want to lose weight, not gain it! Thank you Jesus name I pray...Amen

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Annalisa201 said...

Positive thoughts Mandie. Have you read "Reshaping it All" by Candace Cameron Bure? It seriously changed my life. The start of a whole new life. I'm half way through my second read. I think I will keep re-reading it at least a chapter a week until I hit maintenance weight... or perhaps forever. the Motivation she creates in me through this book is amazing. Other than that, just remember - it will never be easy. Each time you say "no" to extra food or laziness, you strengthen your "no" button. The next time and thereafter saying "no" will get easier. Also works with "yes". If you say "yes" to skipping a workout, or "yes" to overeating, or that chocolate bar, or whatever your weakness, it will get easier to say yes next time. STRENGTHEN THAT NO! It's up to you. I know this is harsh, but I'm saying this in love. I hope this helps. Look up Hebrews 12:11. It's been a gem for me these last 2 weeks :)HUGS! Forgive and forget. Start again NOW