Tuesday, May 5, 2009


That's all I have to say..."ugh". It's no easier nor harder at 5am either! Plyometrics is HARD! And I have a feeling it's not ever going to get any easier...I will just be doing higher jumps!

So, I restarted P90X this week, without hubby. This means I can do it in the morning, and on my schedule...so far so good. It's SUPER tough waking at 5am...BUT I want to get it done!

Yesterday I did P90X in the morning, and then at lunch went to the gym for some good cardio on the Stepper and then on the treadmill using Cardio Coach. Check it out...it ROCKS!!!

THEN I attacked the freaking cake balls I'm making for the boys bake sale! Ugh! That sucks! My goal/plan today though is to eat fruit and/or veggies INSTEAD. I don't need those cake balls, and I don't want to count 15 pts on them ever again! BOLOGNA!

Hubby and I watched our show and then that was it... I was ready for bed. This is a record people...I was in bed ASLEEP by 10:10! HOLY MOLY! It's true...and I needed it. 5am comes early, and 2 hours worth of workouts I REALLY need it!!!

I want to lose 8lbs this month (or 10 better yet), and to do so I have the path clearly in front of me. I have the month's menus ready....I know what I'm going to do be doing at 5am...so really there is no reason I can't be successful. :)

Root me on ya'll!

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