Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh I'm so tired!

So the alarm went off, and guess who didn't workout. That's At first I felt guilty about it, but then I realized I just need some rest. My body is sore as all get out from Monday, not to mention my extra workouts at the gym, plus I went to bed late and NEEDED the sleep. So, today is my P90X rest day. I will still hit the gym for some cardio at lunch, and then tomorrow I'll do arms. No biggie!

The scale wasn't my best friend either. deserve what you get sometimes. That was today. No gain, but definitely no loss. Goes to show that the weekend of not so great eating, and 7 damn cake balls on Monday, well they add up. Not discouraged, not happy, just blah about it. I know that next week will be better though!!!

So I'm arguing with my oldest son's father this morning. He's not the greatest...and needs to step up and make some changes in his life. It's just a horrible situation, and I feel so upset about it. It will NOT make me eat cake balls though. If I want one when I get home...I will eat something else! NO MORE CAKE BALLS!!!!

I heard of this wonderful Mother's Day Giveaway .... COACH purse, computer, Blu-Ray, the prizes are fabulous! Go check them out!!!!!! But do it before May 9th!!!!!!

Mothers Day 2009

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