Friday, February 6, 2009

Emotional Eating

I admit, I'm an emotional eater. I think we all are. The difference with me is that I am the opposite of most people. Instead of eating "comfort foods" when I'm depressed, sad, mad, etc.... I want to eat food when I'm happy and feeling GOOD. Um, so how do you over come that one?? I suppose this is why I still struggle.

Last night wasn't one of those "feel good" nights. My husband and I had a huge argument (*side note, we have been living in my parents basement with our 2 children - and every other weekend my step son - because our home was flooded in June. It has been 8 LONG months, and we see no end in sight)... I had planned on doing my bootcamp workout, and eat a nice snack of sf pudding with coolwhip. BUT that didn't happen. Because of the big fight I was too emotional to workout (which probably would have done me good) and I was NO WHERE NEAR being hungry.

Now, if I could figure out how to create that "mental" feeling when I want to eat comfort foods - would that work?? Or would that make me angry, mad, sad? Would I have to actually FEEL that way for the hunger to diminish? This is totally above my head...but I'm curious, and will be doing some major research to see what I can find out!

In the meantime my husband and I are still not up to par, which is a very bad and sad thing. It may be healthy for my eating, but it's not healthy for my relationship.... There's never an easy way is there?!!!!

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